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Collab? Anyone?

2008-04-18 21:23:21 by lebansker0n

Okay, so my computer is going to be fixed mid next week. What I would like to accomplish once that is done is a mother fucking collaboration so epic, so violent, that anyone who listens to it will shit their small intestines out of their asshole. Any takers? I would like to have 3 or 4 guitarists in on this and then someone to do the drum loops and the mixing. Everyone is encouraged to throw ideas at me and yadda yadda... I already have an idea for what I want this to be called. Something along the lines of "Planetary Curb Stomp" because that sounds brutal in epic proportions. Anyway, anyone interested should respond to this or send me a PM with some information as to how I can get a hold of you. Thanks and stay metal.


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2008-04-21 19:30:35

You uh..

Jot my name down, right?

And its a few more days right? haha.
Hurry up. I need to curb some little bitches.
You look like you were lit on fire...then put out..and poked with dirty needles.

lebansker0n responds:

Ha yeah, my friend did that in photoshop... I'm supposed to be a zombie... I think it looks pretty sick, like my ass. DAMN! Yeah, my parts will be in tomorrow, so after I get done cleaning the upstairs in my apartment, I'll throw all that shit in there and I'll get a hold of you if I can and start throwing ideas around. You should download AIM though so it would be a lot easier. We could get in a private chatroom or something if we get another person and just start tossing shit around... like small children... or women. Whichever.


2008-05-16 12:02:58

Hey spanky! Still waiting!! haha...fucking computers, eh?

lebansker0n responds:

Yeah... me too. It turns out that my fucking motherboard is fried... so now I gotta find a socket 754 AMD board that isn't overpriced like a mother fucker. If I find out anything else is wrong... I'm fuckin' scrapping that shit and saving for my new mondo computer... Fucking technology...