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2008-05-22 01:31:46 by lebansker0n

Aside from trying to get my computer running, I am working on some new material for both of my bands, as well as some covers and a few originals that will be recorded and posted once my computer gets resurrected. Some covers I am working on:
A Tout Le Monde
Symphony of Destruction
Thunder Rolls (Yeah, you read right... it's the most metal country song of all time)

I am also doing some shit for my two bands. The first band will be my more radio friendly band, as I am trying to make some fucking money... and my second band is an all out power/melodic death metal band. Think Iron Maiden meets Amon Amarth. Once my bands have had a few gigs, I will be posting some of our live recordings for you wankers to enjoy and beat off or finger yourself to (come on, there has to be a few chicks who dig my metal cawk on newgrounds).

Anyway... I'd also like to express my appreciation to all of you who have given me all of these great reviews and comments. I may rarely respond to your comments, but believe me when I say, I greatly appreciate all of your kind words. Besides my love of music, I started playing guitar to entertain... and there can be no entertainment without entertainees.

Okay, well I pretty much have updated my current situation just to let everyone know I haven't quit or died or anything. I am really looking forward to getting back in the studio (my PC) and bring the metal full force. Keep it heavy... fuckers.


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2008-05-28 21:43:44

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Just remember...your guitar needs some lovin too. haha.


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