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Entry #1

I guess I'm old... but this is new to me.

2007-09-04 04:17:56 by lebansker0n

HEY WTF! Someone masturbate to my ninja picture and send me a video of themselves masturbating to my ninja picture so that I may masturbate to you masturbating to my ninja picture. After you do that I will love you long time. Possibly have you kids too. FUCK YOU! GOD. DAMN. IT! Comment this so I have something to read and think about while I am on the shitter making and mountain of fecal matter. BTW I have included a picture of my crotch for the genital enjoyment of my fellow NGers... almost sounds like N****RS!!!!! RACISM FTW!!!!!!

I guess I'm old... but this is new to me.


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2007-09-04 14:17:08

FUCKIN Ninja guitarist FTW!. The flames are a nice touch. haha. Goddamn spackin cockjean shot. \m/


2007-11-22 03:34:13

thanks for fade to fat

im useing it on my flash