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2009-06-14 00:09:44 by lebansker0n

I keep getting the shit end of the stick. My Guitar Port fucks off, my computer is taking a massive dump, and I don't have much money to buy new shit. I'm working on it though. New computer WITH a sound card so I can start putting out some quality shit and a Guitar Port alternative.... I fucking hate Guitar Port. Balls.


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2011-02-20 22:15:28

I heard from a very unreliable source that you forgot to take your midol this morning.


2011-02-20 22:32:08

I can play guitar. The circumstances in which I got kicked out of the competition were bullshit. The tracks were put up, and my solo was VERY out of sync. Besides that, my opponent openly admitted to not being able to play through the track straight through in one go.

He strung together a bunch of separately recorded cliche blues riffs and finger exorcises that are barely relevant to the track at all. The only thing he had me beat on was tone really. Even shit faced, my solo kicks the shit out of his overly produced plastic piece of crap. n/366787

I dedicated the month of January to Captain Beefheart, because he passed away in December.

You'd have to listen to the Album "Trout Mask Replica" by the guy to get what I was doing with all that banging shit.

Either way, you probably wouldn't, but I don't really give a fuck.


2011-02-21 04:23:59

Actually you do CosmicAlfonzo. Otherwise, you wouldnt have typed up two posts.