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New year, new layout... new post!!!!

2012-02-10 00:12:12 by lebansker0n

I'm not entirely sure if anyone really comes in and reads my posts unless somehow provoked, but whatever. I got tired of looking at that last post, so here is a new one.

My band has a full lineup again, and I have already posted 2 songs from our demo/album. Saturday we will be completing our third song, so that will be up shortly after it is finished. After that, we are recording one more song, and then we will be playing shows rather heavily until we decide to make a full length album.

Anyway, this next song is gonna be fairly harmony heavy, with a good sprinkling of leads as usual. It will also show off our singer's range, which is fucking epic. If you haven't heard him yet, what the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm yawning now, so I will end this post with this: Tits, that is all.


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2012-03-20 18:53:54

tits. End.



2012-09-12 12:15:25